How the Gringa Nutricionista was born.

Lacey first came to Chile on vacation in 2011 when she was still a nutrition student.  Those two weeks changed her life…Lacey met her husband, Todd Mauritz, a gringo living in Santiago, and started visiting Chile on a regular basis. Three years later, as a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, a wife, and mother of two boys and two dogs, Lacey and her family made Santiago their permanent home.  


From an early age Lacey was interested in cooking.  Whether it was learning to make traditional southern biscuits with her Gran, German Christmas cookies with her Oma or even mixing a martini for her Grandfather, Lacey spent a lot of her childhood in the kitchen learning from people she loved and who loved her.  


When she decided to become a Dietitian / Nutricionista, Lacey saw a gap between the science of nutrition and its application to “real life.”  It’s common for Dietitians / Nutricionistas to teach people WHAT to eat (Healthy Food) and WHY to eat it (It’s good for you), but Lacey takes it one step further.   Lacey, La Gringa Nutricionista, uses her website and instagram to show you HOW to make food that is delicious and healthy.  She shares the What, Why and How of nutrition with a focus on flavor and simplicity.  


As a child Lacey was a nationally competitive figure skater.  In school and in practice, she studied the relationship between food and performance.  Although Lacey no longer competes on the national stage, she continues to apply herself to competitive sports.  She has run marathons and plays tennis regularly.  Sports nutrition and child nutrition have become her areas of expertise. When Lacey became a mother, she extended the idea of creating simple, flavorful, healthy meals to kids.  She has experience with families who face food allergies and intolerances.  She is devoted to teaching kids and their families to cook together and “eat right,” helping them define what “eating right” means on a case by case basis.  


Lacey lives in Chile.  CHILE…where there is a new language to learn, new foods to discover (Cherimoya! Pebre! Cochayuyo!), and new culture to enjoy.  Look for tasty recipes that use ingredients available in Chile and learn the nutritional properties of local foods.  Share in Lacey’s successes and laugh with her at failures as she adapts to life in Chile - learning Spanish and her way around this beautiful country she now calls home.   

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