Aceitunas cítricas y aceitunas marinadas con hierbas/ Make Ahead Citrus and Herb Marinated Olives

January 9, 2020

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Get to know my life in Chile...

Get to know my life in Chile...

Nutrition Fun Facts

Hola, I’m Lacey, La Gringa Nutricionista, a trained, licensed and Registered Dietitian living in Santiago, Chile.  I’m a mother of two boys and feeder of a large community of friends, dogs, and fellow travelers.  If you’re here it’s because you have an interest in delicious food and learning the What, Why, and How of nutrition.  I show you What to eat, Why to eat it, and How to cook it.  I share health news from reliable sources.  Bring your taste buds and your sense of humor as you explore the website  - recipes, tips, and ideas and watch this American mom and Dietitian navigate life in Chile.  


1 1/2 ramitas de menta fresca picada
1 1/2 racimos de cilantro fresco, picado
1 1/2 manojos de perejil picado
1 cebolla roja pequeña picada
Semillas de 1 granada, piel y membrana de color claro removidas
6 cucharadas de jugo de lima fresco
2 cucharaditas de ralladura...

Receta de y foto de Beatriz da Costa Studio D

1 1/2 pintas de tomates cherry
2 dientes de ajo, en rodajas finas
2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva, dividido
4 x 6 onzas de pechugas de pollo deshuesadas y sin piel
sal y pimienta
3/4 taza de h...

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